BNS 2009

Issue No. 391 - 10 December 2009

More on single hull tanker ban
Where can single hull tankers trade after 2010?
Counterfeit Crosby shackles
Safety of navigation in the TSS in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore

Issue No. 390 - 26 November 2009

Latest edition of Risk Watch and Claims and Legal now available
USCG issue Port Security Advisory (10-09)
Bulletin issued by EUNAVFOR/CMF/NATO 13/11/2009
Single-hull tanker ban
Possible problems at Campana Argentina

Issue No. 389 - 16 November 2009

Restrictions at Dar es Salaam Outer Anchorage
Pirates extend their reach
Declarations on arrival at Tema Port, Ghana - continued
SOLAS, Consolidated Edition 2009 now available
SOLAS - CO2 fixed fire-fighting systems
Declarations at Jebel Ali

Issue No. 388 - 30 October 2009

Declarations on arrival at Tema Port, Ghana
Do not blank off bilge discharge pipes
Amendment to emergency towing procedures
More on Rule B attachments

Issue No. 387 - 19 October 2009

Singapore - Anchoring outside port limits
Lebanese customs fines
No hiding place - where should the crew go when pirates board?
Lost containers carrying explosives

Issue No. 386 - 5 October 2009

OSRO requirements for bunkering in the River Plate - update
New vessel arrival system at the Port of Newcastle, Australia
Training for entry into enclosed spaces
California Air Resources Board Marine Notice 2009-5

Issue No. 385 - 17 September 2009

MAIB accident investigation report
Permissible drafts and dimensions at Muhammad Bin Qasim, Pakistan
Britannia Risk Watch
OSRO requirements for bunkering in the River Plate

Issue No. 384 - 3 September 2009

Best Management Practices (BMP) Version 2
US Coast Guard Port Security Advisory
Discharge of cargo hold washing water
Another magic pipe incident

Issue No. 383 - 20 August 2009

Britannia's enhanced Risk Management Programme
AIS performance
Safe pilot transfer arrangements
Risk assessment on demand
River Plate pilotage

Issue No. 382 - 7 August 2009

VTS information leaflet to mariners
Piracy Report - reminder
Britannia website update
USCG Marine Safety Alert 05-09
PSC Lifeboat Inspection Campaign
Suez Canal offers discounts

Issue No. 381 - 23 July 2009

New edition of Risk Watch and Claims and Legal
Launching lifeboats
Access to ports in Algeria
New ballast water rules for the Middle East

Issue No. 380 - 13 July 2009

Paris MOU Annual Report
More on Bunkers Convention Certificates
Anchoring concerns off Singapore
More on fuel regulations in California
Measures to prevent accidents with lifeboats

Issue No. 379 - 26 June 2009

Rule B Attachment Orders
USCG Marine Safety Alert 02-09
USCG Marine Safety Alert 03-09
Bunkers Convention Certificates issued by the Liberian Flag Authorities
Mandatory Supply of MSDS for Oil Cargo and Bunkers from 1 July 2009
US EPA VGP; _ electronic filing now available

Issue No. 378 - 11 June 2009

US Navy identifies ships “at high risk” of piracy attack
Piracy fears lead to shipowners doubling rates for Gulf of Aden transits
New cargo conventions guide
Bermuda is the world’s leading flag in Paris MOU rankings

Issue No. 377 - 1 June 2009

Arming ships is “an admission of failure”
Panama Canal offers help
Advice required at Newcastle
H1N1 – ships calling at Chinese ports
Fuel regulations in California

Issue No. 376 - 15 May 2009

More on US foreign crew ID requirements
6MoUs concentrated inspection campaign (CIC)
Guards for US-flag ships
Panama Canal offer help
Storm safety guidelines

Issue No. 375 - 30 April 2009

H1N1 Virus
Guide to pollution legislation
United States foreign crew ID requirement
ECDIS-assisted grounding

Issue No. 374 - 17 April 2009

Vessels anchoring outside Singapore waters
Ship detentions rise
VDR recovery
Piracy update

Issue No. 373 - 4 April 2009

Practical measures to avoid, deter or delay piracy attacks
Oil spills from smaller vessels on the increase
Lay up locations in short supply
New Britannia publication

Issue No. 372 - 19 March 2009

BIMCO – new piracy clause for time charter parties
Gabon – Strict enforcement of customs fines
Jurong Port Circular on Height Limit, 17 March 2009

Issue No. 371 - 5 March 2009

Security measures in the Gulf of Aden
Tips to avoid PSC detentions
Distress beacon - reminder
Surge in stowaways
Britannia website

Issue No. 370 - 20 February 2009

Piracy in the Gulf of Aden
Transition from paper to electronic charts
More on Rule B Attachment Orders
Fatigue-related accidents

Issue No. 369 - 5 February 2009

USCG Port Security Advisory (01-09) - Update
Blanking of bilge discharge piping systems in port
ReCAAP – Annual Report
USCG Interim Final Rule on Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment
Free Fall Lifeboat Hooks – Defects

Issue No. 368 - 23 January 2009

USCG Port Security Advisory
Counterfeit Hammar H20 Hydrostatic Release Gear
Bunkers Convention certification - Reminder
IMB Piracy Report
Lloyd’s JWC Listed Areas 

Issue No. 367 - 8 January 2009

Rule B Attachment Orders
Suez Canal Freezes Fees
National Operational Contact Points Update
Imprisonment for failing to maintain Garbage Record Book

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