Risk Watch 2006

Volume 13: Number 4: October 2006

Safety – Lifeboat special

1 New research provides a different perspective
3 Hidden corrosion causes crew deaths
4 Two identical incidents
5 Inadequate familiarisation

Navigation and Seamanship
6 Inappropriate use of GPS contributes to grounding
6 Use of Argentinean charts in the Paraguay- Parana Waterway
7 Mariners’ routing guide to the Baltic Sea

8 Drugs – recent cases of ‘Narco Torpedos’ in Spanish ports
8 Directory of MARPOL reception facilities in the US
8 Recent publications

  Risk Watch Volume 13 No 4 10-2006
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Volume 13: Number 3: July 2006

1 The dangers of automatically closing watertight doors
2 The need to treat holds as ‘enclosed spaces’
3 Hot work causes engine room fire
3 Concerns over unusual yawing and pitch motions by high-speed craft in quartering sea

Containers and Cargoes
4 Foreign matter in bulk grain cargo
5 Nickel ore – transportable moisture limit warning
5 Chemical fumes in new containers

Regulatory update
6 Dry cargoes – dumping at sea
7 BRM, MRM and BTM; useful clarification from Intertanko
7 Lifeboats; crew in lifeboats during drill?
7 Re-issuance of IOPP Certificates

8 Prosecution of drunken masters
8 Recent publications

Risk Watch Vol 13 No 3 July 2006
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Volume 13: Number 2: April 2006

Navigation and Seamanship
1 Non-compulsory pilotage route claims another victim
2 Mobile menace on the bridge
3 Containerised scrap metal – potential dangers
3 Piracy precautions
3 Collision report published
3 Grounding risk at Barranquilla, Colombia

Containers and Cargoes
4 Salmonella in soya bean meal
4 Wood packaging materials in the US
5 Australian legislation on container weights
5 New container security measures in Spain
5 Recent publications

Regulatory update
6 Fines for deballasting in Ukrainian ports
6 Compulsory security alert systems
6 Cargo residues now classed as garbage
6 Maintenance of lifeboats – SOLAS Regulation III/20

7 Problems with steel wire ropes on ships’ cranes
8 Pilot overboard – bulwark stepladder failure

Crew matters
8 Beware friendly stowaways!

Risk Watch Vol 13 No 2 April 2006
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Volume 13: Number 1: January 2006

Navigation and Seamanship
1 AIS Text messaging facility contributes to causes of a collision
2 London courts provide interesting analysis of a collision involving a ship at anchor
3 Passage planning – leave way points to port?
3 Improper mooring arrangements

Containers and Cargoes
4 Testing the effect of reefer plugs – expert assistance
5 Shippers’ misdeclarations cause increasing concern
5 Dangers of access hatchways

Regulatory update
6 Canada extends powers of Environment Agency
6 IMO: port state control – retention of records
6 California – new incineration/grey water    regulations

7 Dangerous vegetable oil
8 Explosion: hot glands

8 Recent publications
8 News in brief

Risk Watch Vol 13 No 1 January 2006
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