Australia : guidance on ECDIS for ships calling at Australian ports 03/08/2017


The Australian authorities have issued Marine Notice 7/2017 (which supersedes the previous 8/2016 Notice) which provides a very useful summary of the current ECDIS requirements. Ship owners and operators are reminded of the need to manage and maintain both the ECDIS hardware and software. In August 2015 the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) published new editions of the standards required to maintain ECDIS (S-52, S-63 and S-64). These standards will remain valid until 31 August 2017. After this date, to display the latest approved presentation library, existing ECDIS systems will require upgrading to the latest IHO standards. In some cases, ECDIS equipment may require replacement if it cannot be updated to the latest standards.

The full text of the Marine Notice, which contains links to useful FAQs and IMO source material can be found by clicking on the link below: