Denmark : fines for using fuel containing excess sulphur content 25/05/2017

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A foreign shipping company has been fined DKK 375,000 (USD57,000) for sailing with fuel containing too much sulphur. The fine was issued by the police in northern Denmark following a report from the Danish environmental agency. Denmark regularly monitors the sulphur content of ship fuel by taking fuel samples from ships in Danish ports. Also, sulphur emissions from passing ships are monitored using a ‘sniffer’ installed underneath the Great Belt Bridge. The ‘sniffer’ can detect if too much sulphur is being emitted by a ship, in which case the Danish environmental authorities will receive an alarm and can then ask the Danish Maritime Authority to take a fuel sample when the ship reaches port or inform the appropriate authorities if the ship is on its way to a foreign port.

Full details of the case can be found on the Danish Environmental Protection Agency website: