US : Immigration - Supreme Court agrees to the implementation of the Executive Order (EO) 04/07/2017

Sanction/Trading Restriction

Local correspondents Freehill Hogan & Mahar LLP have confirmed that the EO which was issued by President Trump on 6 March has now been implemented with effect from 29 June. Members will remember that the EO suspended entry into the US for 90 days for nationals from Iran, Libya, Somalia Sudan, Syria and Yemen unless they already held valid visas. After the EO was issued, several US district courts issued injunctions preventing implementation of the EO. On 29 June the US Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments on the validity of the EO in October 2017 and so in the meantime the injunctions issued by the district courts were lifted and the EO will be enforced.

Members are therefore reminded that no new visas will be issued to crewmembers from the affected countries for the next 90 days. Those holding valid visas will be permitted entry to the US although if ships have crew without visas, they may be required to post guards to prevent such crew leaving the ship. It may also be more complicated to change crew in the US, as only those crew with valid visas will be permitted entry to the US.