Spain : stevedore strike update on the latest situation 16/03/2017

Loss Prevention

Local correspondents in Spain have reported that stevedores have been on a ‘go slow’ for the last three weeks with very low rates (i.e. discharging 4 containers per hour/gang instead of the normal rate of around 40 containers). This has affected all container terminals and also the main ports of Valencia, Algeciras and Tarragona. In the port of Barcelona, the correspondents have noticed that the loading/discharge rates were low during the normal working hours but the rate increased significantly in the evenings and at weekends when stevedores are on overtime and are paid on a movement basis rather than on a shift basis. So far the government has not managed to secure enough votes to enact the Decree (necessary to bring the Spanish stevedores in line with EU legislation) and the government has announced it will start talks with the stevedores. It is not known if the strikes that are due to start tomorrow, 17 March, will go ahead but it seems that the ‘go slow’ will continue until the matter is resolved. Members are advised to contact local agents and correspondents for details of the latest situation.