Stowaways : recent cases in Bilbao, Spain 17/08/2017

Loss Prevention

One of our Members recently had two Albanian stowaways board their ship in Bilbao. The stowaways hid themselves inside cargo whilst it was still ashore by cutting open the packaging, climbing inside and then re-sealing the packaging. This cargo was then loaded directly on board the Member’s ship. Following this incident the Club discussed the situation with correspondents Robmarine Shipping (Overseas) Ltd., who advised that at the moment there are a large number of refugees in the Bilbao and Santander area, many of whom are trying to gain access to ships leaving the ports. Robmarine advise that after the French Authorities closed the large refugee camp near Calais, France (which was know as ‘The Jungle’) the refugees have dispersed along the coastline, with a large number of Albanian and Eastern European refugees camping outside Bilbao/Santander. Members are reminded to make sure that proper security is in place for all ships calling at either of these ports and that cargo is checked for signs of tampering before it is loaded on board.