US : expedited vessel response plan (VRP) requests 30/03/2017


The US Coast Guard reports that their VRP programme has been receiving an influx of expedited requests (submissions received outside of the regulatory timeframes). Please remember that the regulatory review timeframes are as follows: VRPs must be submitted at least 60 days before the ship intends to handle, store, transport, transfer, or lighter oil in areas subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. VRPs requiring revision or amendment must be submitted 30 days in advance of a ship’s operation.

Submissions received within the regulatory timeframes are the programme’s priority. Although the Coast Guard works to accommodate expedited requests, please be advised that the Coast Guard cannot guarantee that expedited requests will be honoured within the requested timeframe. To help mitigate delays, the Coast Guard encourages ship owners and operators to submit their advanced notice of arrival (ANOA) promptly while awaiting the pending status of a VRP submission.

Contact or the VRP Help Desk at +1 (202) 372-1005 for further information.