Venezuela : crew warned to take care 31/08/2017

Loss Prevention

Following the recent unrest in Venezuela the murder rate in the country is now one of the highest in the world. Local correspondents have advised that seafarers should avoid going ashore if possible and should certainly not leave the terminal area at night time. If they do need to leave then they must be accompanied by local agents and only use taxis arranged by the agents. They should avoid taking large quantities of cash and should take care with smart phones and other equipment.

In one recent example, a seafarer was transiting from the international air terminal to the internal terminal in Maiquetia and was killed after resisting a robbery attempt. It appears that the seafarer was carrying cash destined for the ship. The advice is that if seafarers need to transit from one terminal to another they must use the underground tunnel between terminals rather than going outside the terminal buildings. There should be an representative from the local agency present at all times and they should only use transport provided by the local agent.